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Light their Rights HK is a student-led group aiming to raise awareness of underprivileged citizens in HK, with particular focus on the youth and homeless. We hold regular events in collaboration with different organizations to serve those in need. More importantly, we invite junior citizens to join us hand in hand to serve the community.




To make our work more efficient, LTR is divided into YOUTH BRANCH and HOMELESS BRANCH. For youth branch, we aim to provide them with opportunities to develop themselves; for homeless branch, we hope to support both their physiological and psychological needs by conducting regular visits.







- Singtao 

- Youngpost 

- Bastille Post 

- AM730

- SundayKiss 

- 晴報 etc.


Raising awareness

To inspire changemakers, the first step is to raise awareness amongst them. LTR has setup an ambassador team, led by two year 8 students, so as to conduct research about social topics, discuss about controversial issues in forums or lives. Beyond that, LTR actively participates in summits and conferences to promote our vision as well. 

is a SDSN Youth Member Organisation 


Light Their Rights HK actively seeks opportunities to reach out to those in need, from children to elderly. Our activities serve to bridge the gap of the underprivileged so that they could have equal rights of love, hope and fun as any one of us.


We hold regular events in partner with different organisations that share the same mission as us, including oversea organisations! Please fill in the following form if you are willing to collaborate with us! 

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Join us in any of our events! 

Be A Part Of Our Team! We need your help! We are starting our second-round of recruitment now!

We would like to recruit secondary students who share the same will to serve those in need! You can join us in one-off events, or get more involved by becoming one of our committee members. For further information in joining our team, please contact us. 

Contact Us 

Submit this form if you're interested in joining our team, partnering with us, receiving updates from us or have any questions!

Thanks for your interest 

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