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Past Events


Trick or Treat Workshop

October, 2023 

In partnership w/ 香港聖公會九龍城青少年綜合服務中心 

August, 2023 

In partnership w/

Homeless Visit 

Our regular visits to homeless in Sham Shui Po, Tai Kok Tsui and Yau Ma Tei to distribute daily necessities  



July-August, 2023 

In partnership w/ SOCO Poverty

Homeless visit

May, 2023 

In partnership w/ 無家者同行

Our regular visits to homeless in Sham Shui Po, Tai Kok Tsui and Yau Ma Tei to distribute daily necessities  

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May, 2023 

In partnership w/ SoCO Poverty and Cadenza HK

To celebrate Mother's Day, we hosted an art workshop in which kids from low-income family designed keychains with their mothers, allowing them to relieve stress and display their creativity. 

Bread Run

March, 2023 

Bread from Kee Wah Bakery

With the aim to promote sustainability and help the homeless people at the same time, we collected bread from Kee Wah Bakery that haven't been sold and distributed them to the homeless people. 


Mindful Mandarins
Graduation Ceremony 

January, 2023 

In partnership w/ Mindful Mandarins

As a supporting organisation of Mindful Mandarins, Light Their Rights have participated as part of the English Tutoring programme. On the day of graduation ceremony, we had the opportunity to share our experience and host CNY booths. 

Low-income family visit

December, 2022

Partnership w/ Rhenish Church

With the hope to assist low-income families on their daily activities and to show empathy to them, we hosted a low-income family visit in different areas Sham Shui Po. 

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Bread Run

December, 2022

Sponsored by 奇華餅家

To promote sustainability, we hosted a "BREAD RUN", in which we collect freshly baked bread from Kee Wah Bakery that aren't sold out and then have them distributed to the homeless people.

EcoVISION Exhibition

December, 2022

In partnership w/ Project Provision and Funcation 

In December, we held an art workshop along with Project Provision to show support to their EcoVISION Exhibition. 

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ISF - Service Booth

September, 2022

Conducted by members from Independent School's Foundation

Hosted by two of our members from ISF, Light Their Rights held a service booth at the Service Convention Fair on 15th September 2022 to raise awareness of poverty issues and encourage more youngsters to take action.

Mid-Autumn Festival Homeless Visit

September, 2022

Sponsored by 同珍,Winner Medical HK and 順順兒天然濕紙巾 

Special thanks to Kee Wah Bakery for providing us mooncakes at a half price

As Mid-Autumn Festival was approaching, we initiated a homeless visit to distribute necessities and spread love to the homeless people during this festive day.

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Low-income family visit and distribution of packages

September, 2022

Sponsored by 同珍 and Winner Medical HK

 In partnership with Rhenish Church, we hold a 1.5 hour visit to different families in Sham Shui Po and distributed basic necessities like RAT test kits, books, toys etc. Our members also had a chat with the residents in SSP.  

ITS Foundation International Youth Day Event

August, 2022

Invited by the ITS Foundation Youth Advisory Committee, we hosted a booth and gave a speech at Australian International School to promote intergenerational solidarity. 

ITS Foundation.png
WhatsApp Image 2022-08-12 at 12.25.55 PM.jpeg

The Beauty Of Environment Art Workshop

July, 2022

To raise awareness of environmental issues, we have hosted a 2-day art workshop in partnership with HKSKH Kowloon Children and Youth Integrated Service Centre.

IYouth Conference 

June, 2022

We were given 2 hours to introduce Light Their Rights, showcase our ambassador project about Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs and share shocking statistics or information related to the problem of homelessness.

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Screenshot 2022-05-18 at 5.04.58 PM.png

Movie Appreciation

May, 2022

In Partnership with H.K.S.K.H. Kowloon City Children and Youth Integrated Service Centre.

In this 2-week intensive workshop(4 lessons), through watching movies, we taught children English as well as important life lessons.

Homeless Distribution 

May, 2022

With more than 20 members participating in our distribution this time, we managed to distribute over 100 bags of daily necessities. As a group, we walked from Tai Kok Tsui, passing by Yau Ma Tei, Mong Kok, and Jordan, led by our leader - 文仔 from 無家者同行.


Back-to-school package distribution

May, 2022

Cohosted with House Of Learning

To get these children ready for school, House Of Learning and LTR prepared over 200 test kits along with masks, books and more. We put them into small bags and distributed them to the  children. 

Discovering HK history with Food
從食物看港史 (2nd session)

April, 2022

In partnership with SoCO Poverty

Discovering more about Hong Kong history through chocolate, ice cream and instant noodles! 


Discovering HK history with Food
從食物看港史 (1st session)

April, 2022

In partnership with WeToast HK and House Of Learning

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RTHK Radio 3 :
The Common Room Broadcast

February, 2022

Common Room Logo.jpg






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Campsda Friendly Speech Contest 

January, 2022

In partnership with CAMPSDA

Warmth In Winter

December 2021

In partnership with Giving Love

grp selfie.HEIC

Youth Talent Show

November, 2021

In partnership with Youth World


Warmth In Winter Packaging Session

December, 2021

In partnership with Giving Love

Fun With Debate

October, 2021

In partnership with Changing Young Lives Foundation and The HKU English Debate Society

Mooncake distribution to homeless 

September, 2021

Back to School Fun Day

September, 2021

In partnership with SoCO Poverty 

Mooncake distribution to homeless 

September, 2020


Lunchbox distribution to homeless 

May, 2020


Mask distribution in Cheung Wah Estate, Fanling

May, 2020

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