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Monthly Instagram Live w/ GMG

Every month, one ambassador from LTRHK will join an Instagram live hosted by Global Millennial Group. Different social issues will be discussed to raise awareness in the community.


Youth nowadays, who will be the future pillars, are often too self-centered or too busy to take a slower pace and explore and empathise the happenings in our community.  In more affluent countries, they are engaged in different leisure or social activities like gaming or posting on social media, and have no time to reflect on important global issues. So as a first step, they should put down their electronic devices and  step out of their comfort zone to learn more and experience about global issues like poverty or climate change. With more experience and knowledge about these issues, they would then have more opportunities to gather and exchange ideas and begin contributing to the local communities. 

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From one of my favourite series land of stories, If people don’t hear your words, then shout them. If people silence you, then write your message in fire.” I think this is a really meaningful quote. We all need to advocate for poverty and inequality issues, if we all do our part, then we can minimize the gap between the poor and the rich, minimize inequality in society, and take one step closer to achieving the UN goals. Don't be afraid, and speak up. There are 7.7 billion people in the world, I am sure that there are people who are willing to listen, you just need to be brave enough to speak up. 


“This is why we should pass on the privilege of the global generation. We couldn’t have made it here if nobody passed on the privilege to us in the first place. Pay it forward—acknowledging that we made it here through the help of others allows you to do something better in the future.

We should keep in mind that we learn and develop attributes because the world mattered to us, so now let us do something worth believing in: something that will one day matter to the world. “


I’m neither the brightest nor the richest person, but I have been given enough. I know that my privilege isn’t only meant to help myself—it’s also meant to help the world.

Let’s live up to our title of the global generation.

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