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General FAQS

Q: Are there any age restrictions for volunteers? 
A: Given that we are a youth organisation, volunteers at Light Their Rights should be under the age of 18

Q: How long will I have to work for?

A: We don't have specific working hours, but we have deadlines for specific assigned tasks. ​​

Q: Requirements as a committee in Light Their Rights? 

A: If you're a committee member who is living in HK, we expect you attend at least ONE, and preferably two to three events per year. If you cannot meet this requirement due to personal reasons, you should notify us during the interview. 

Q: Do I have to join your organization to volunteer in your events?A: Of course not! You can be a one-off volunteer or participant, but we do encourage you to join us and make a difference together.​

Q: Are there any language prerequisites required?

A: To ensure effective communication, English and/or Chinese (Cantonese/Mandarin) is required.

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